Before we get started, my name, Alona, rhymes with the city of Barcelona.

I'm the CEO of Far From Timid and an award-winning creative, marketer, and businesswoman. My mission is to make the world a more joyful and innovative place through storytelling and design. I help companies and people like Fortune 50 brands, funded start-ups, and impactful creators become legends with brand strategy, identity, and web 2/3/IRL experiences that are flawless, engaging, and have a positive impact on people's lives.

I've done some incredible things with the most talented teams, like turning Marriott into a travel company by creating their first DEI campaign, #LoveTravels. Rewrote food aid policy for Doctors Without Borders with an omnichannel campaign 'Starved For Attention.' Rebranded democracy for the Brookings Institute and helped The University of Phoenix thrive through the pandemic creating serialized and franchised content.

Where culture, storytelling, and technology meet are topics I'm obsessed with and I've been invited to speak at conferences like SXSW, Advertising Week, The British Museum, NFT.LA, IHAF...and more.

I also created a dope lifestyle brand that will make you a total legend. I've shown my artwork all over the globe from Paris to New York. And, to top it all off, I'm bringing all my passions together in an NFT collection for our Far From Timid community. Join us and become a Legendmaker.

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I grew up on the east coast in the suburbs of Baltimore. Not-like-The Wire-Baltimore, but more like a Matza Ball version of Great Gatsby's West Egg.

My dad is Moroccan and my mom was born in a refugee camp in Berlin after World War II. My parents met at The Sorbonne in Paris in the late 60's during the student uprising.

My brother Ron and I are only 18 months apart, so we're kind of like twins. He is one of my best friends. I stole his gyroscope in 5th grade and not giving it back.

Miriam, my grandmother, was a Holocaust survivor, and the best person I've ever known. When she passed away in 2018, it broke me, but I've got the eye of the tiger and I'm here to inspire all of us to keep going.

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